Welcome to Momentum Equity

Welcome to my blog about personal finances! Momentum Equity will provide you with essential guidelines on money management and basic information and knowledge. I will also share what I have learned through experiences and mistakes that I made. I like to think that we learn best by trial and error; making mistakes is not a bad thing, as long as you learn from them.

Momentum Equity was created for anyone who is looking for some guidance with their personal finances. As it isn’t a subject we learn about in school, it becomes our own responsibility to educate ourselves on the topic of money management.

As you go through this blog, you will notice that there is a little section saying “Phases” on the right-hand side. This is for you to navigate through the different stages of money management; things like mindset, basics, income, expenses and investing. This section will become bigger and more self-explanatory as this blog develops.

I hope that you can use the knowledge that I share to prosper in your own life and to improve your own personal finances. I hope you will reach your financial goals, whether that is to be financially stable or financially free.

Feel free to hit me up through this form or any of my social media accounts if you have any questions or just genuinely want to connect!

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