My Reasons For Starting A Blog

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

James Keller.

You might be wondering why someone would go through all this trouble and try to educate others who might or might not agree with you, let alone even read your content.
Well, I can’t speak for everyone on this one, but here is why I think it is important.

First of all, I think money is an extremely important aspect in our lives. Maybe you feel like this is not the case for you, but think about it for a minute. You need money to survive. You owe your landlord, your phone company, you need it to do groceries, buy clothes, insurances etc. So how come in school there are no subjects called “Money Management” or “Wealth”? Because I for sure would have taken both classes.

Personally I know what it feels like not to have any money in your pockets. I felt ashamed and stupid in a way, because even though I was working and getting a nice paycheck I never had any money to do something fun. Why was that? Well, I had no idea where my money was going, and honestly most people don’t.

So when I was at my lowest point, not only did I commit to making a change, I also realized I am not the only person struggling financially. And that is why I want to share the knowledge I have acquired over the past few years, my experiences and my biggest mistakes so you do not have to make them. Because I have made tons.

So I hope that my content keeps you from hitting rock bottom financially, or if you have, I hope this blog will help you get back on track and thrive.

Lots of love,

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