your mindset creates your reality

How Mindset Plays a Key Role In Your Finances

Your mindset about money will actively create your own financial reality.

Ann Sanfelippo

The phrase “It takes money to make money” might be one that you are familiar with. It might be a saying that is frequently used in your family or among your friends, but overall it is a saying that inspires a certain way of thinking. In this post I will talk about several phrases and different mindsets that can have a major impact on your financial position.

Replace your old mindset with a new one

In my opinion, the saying “it takes money to make money” usually results in a limited way of thinking and it teaches us that, in order to put more money into our pockets, you already have to have some (or a lot). If you are looking for ways to earn a little extra, then this mindset will keep you from looking for creative solutions. If you can recognize that this belief is fairly obsolete, especially in the Information Age, and replace it by the belief “It doesn’t take money to make money”, you are much more likely to get ahead financially.

That’s right, you can make money without having any. All it takes is an idea. I once listened to a Ted Talk in which the speaker mentioned that every single one of us has a Million Dollar Idea at least once in their lifetime. This idea can come to us in a complete unexpected way or it comes after you’ve discovered your passion and really dived into it.

The problem is, however, that only few people act upon their ideas and execute. So in this case there isn’t necessarily a lack of creativity, but rather a lack of motivation and discipline.

I guess none of us really knows when that Million Dollar Idea hits us and thus you should explore every single (business) idea that you might have. And when I say ‘business idea’, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have an idea for a big, international company, like Amazon or IBM. It could be a simple web-shop or blog, something you could do besides your career in the corporate world.

Open up your mind to creativity

I love how American author Robert T. Kiyosaki discusses how to open up your mind to creativity in his famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad and talks about rephrasing your way of thinking.

In his book he talks about how many of us tend to say “I can’t afford that”, which is a mindset that shuts down the brain and keeps it from thinking any further. To get more creative, you should say “How can I afford that?” instead. By asking yourself the question “How can I afford that?” you unconsciously send a message to the brain that you have to actively become aware of the ideas that come to mind and to study opportunities.

Generally this post is meant for you to become aware of your own way of thinking. Is your mindset limiting yourself or is your mindset helping you to excel in life?

This post is meant for you to get creative. I recommend you to write down 3 or 4 ways of starting an income earning business right now without the expenses. What ideas come to mind? If your idea sounds crazy, weird or unrealistic; don’t worry. It’s all about the creativity.

Have an abundant mindset

Another way of thinking that can really change your beliefs is the way you look at money itself. Most people think money is very scarce and thus they live in scarcity. This mindset lessens the chances of finding true wealth.

But if you are to change that way of thinking and realize that money is abundant (which is actually very true; there is money everywhere), then you will attract abundance. You will start to see more possibilities of how to earn and make more money. A mindset of abundance will open you up to opportunities you might not have seen or thought of before.


You are in control of how limited your way of thinking is. Therefore, you are in control of how limited your resources are. Start actively looking for new beliefs and values regarding finances and adopt these beliefs. Have a mindset that is not obsolete in a time where practically anything is possible.

Lots of love,

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