ratios for investing

7 Smart Investment Ratios Explained

Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it

Benjamin Graham

Investment ratios are used by accountants, CFOs, current and future investors and among others to determine a company’s financial performance. Ratios show the story behind the numbers and can be used to pinpoint your new investment, but they are also used by a company’s management team to establish the current financial status of the firm. When used for the latter purpose, a company will act upon the results found in most cases.

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create a budget

Creating A Budget Changed My Life

Planning is bringing the future into the present, so that you can do something about it now.

Alan Lakein

Having a budget can be incredibly helpful and in this post I would like to introduce a little scheme that I have been using for well over a year at time of writing. This outline has helped me tremendously in taking the first step towards better money management. It immediately gives you an overview of what your month is going to look like financially.

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your mindset creates your reality

How Mindset Plays a Key Role In Your Finances

Your mindset about money will actively create your own financial reality.

Ann Sanfelippo

The phrase “It takes money to make money” might be one that you are familiar with. It might be a saying that is frequently used in your family or among your friends, but overall it is a saying that inspires a certain way of thinking. In this post I will talk about several phrases and different mindsets that can have a major impact on your financial position.

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starting to invest

I Want To Invest. Where Do I Start?

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.

Warren Buffet

In today’s world, wanting to invest is increasing in popularity, especially with the younger generations. Personally I am very passionate about investing and I do not believe in the old narrative of putting your money in a savings account. Nowadays a savings account will get you less than 0.5% interest a year and there are even banks that stopped paying interest altogether. In this article I want to share a few basic, but very key reminders for those that consider investing, but are new to the concept of it.

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Tax Refund: Why We Should Stop Getting So Excited About It.

An illusion shared by everyone becomes a reality.

Erich Fromm

It is March and that means that we can start filing for our tax refund. That is of course, if you do not owe the government any more. If you are lucky you will get a big sum of money back from the government, and everyone who is eligible for a tax return is thrilled about this time of the year. But why should we stop getting so excited about it? To dive right into it, let’s look at some numbers.

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begin to pay yourself first

Pay Yourself First

I am not permitted to explain the rules of the game. Nor to acknowledge whether or not we’re playing one.

Robyn Schneider

Setting up an automatic payment, with the intend to pay yourself, is a great way to improve your saving habits. And from all the little tricks I could think of, paying yourself first is definitely the most efficient one.

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